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Washington dc Hotel Story

The Hotel George: Leader on Capitol Hill

Every Kimpton Hotel tells a distinct story. The inspiration behind these stories are as varied and colorful as the hotels themselves, from architecture and history, even to cherry trees. The story of The Hotel George is Leadership. Like America's founding fathers, The Hotel George is a revolutionary, the first boutique hotel of its kind to grace Washington, DC.

The name of our Washington, DC hotel pays playful homage to the first president of the United States and takes the values he embodies to heart. While the oft-told tale about our namesake chopping down the cherry tree is a myth created in 1809 by Parson Weems, the fable was intended to establish George Washington as a role model of virtue and honesty for all Americans to follow. Today, the legend that surrounds The Hotel George is entirely true.

Our Washington, DC hotel near The White House is every bit as genuine as its reputation as a refreshingly stylish hotel alternative on Capitol Hill. Delivering rare sophistication and highly-personalized service, our boutique hotel in Washington, DC is as a model of what every contemporary hotel experience should offer - genuine comfort, distinctive style and an honest price.

Combining the traditional values of our founding fathers with their revolutionary spirit, we like to think it's the kind of place where old George himself would have chosen to stay.